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I am a Professional Certified Life Coach with the Life Coaching Institute of Orange County, CA (ICF). Live Balanced Life Coaching emerged from a lifetime of transitions and experiences. I hold a Bachelors in Natural Health Sciences and have a deep passion to assist others on a path to their fullest potential physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. While my formal education took me to Early Childhood Education, my life experiences crossed a broad spectrum of life with over 35 years experience in business ownership, corporate management, freelance graphic designer, sales, customer service, personal stylist, image consultant, women’s leadership, and motivational speaking.

Growing up in a minister’s home has given me a unique set of experiences that broadened my spiritual journey. While the journey has been challenging, enriching and exciting at times, the ongoing twists and turns conclude that life is not an expected destination, but a journey of exploration, learning and growth.

Coaching is a lifestyle for me, rather than an occupation, of encouraging others by focusing on the potentials and opportunities in transition and obstacles. Being Certified as Life Coach in 2012 was simply a title to my true nature and passion. I focus on Women in transition ... Lifestyle, Age Cornerstones, Life Purpose, Spiritual issues and Relationships.

I am honored to offer you my support, through tools and coaching, to a life journey that can be a lot easier and joyful. One that is faced with a smile and welcomed rather than feared and less than fulfilling.

I offer to you my years of  experience which include family experiences of love and loss, marriage, divorce, 2nd marriage and blending families, motherhood, empty nest, teenage pregnancy, child abduction, alcoholism, unfaithfulness and addiction, emotional abuse, and even enabling while attempting to hold family and occupation together.

Through it all, valuable lessons have been learned of personal growth and the gift of finding joy in every day! Learning to balance life, enjoying the journey with gratitude, and embracing lessons & contrast is now my everyday for which I am beyond grateful.

I would love to walk along side you on your journey. No matter where you are on your path, there is a life of dreams fulfilled waiting for you!

Contact me today for a free consultation and take the first step toward your fulfilled dreams!

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